The Youths of this present Generation are extremely different compared to previous generation. Abnormalities have been made normality; a child below 18 years can be acknowledged as an adult because he or she dwells in a body much bigger than themselves, so you unknowingly assume they're a young adult.

The mind-blowing part is that certain things are now expected of you from your equals to materially own or use, certain kind of life you're supposed to live, a huge number of youth are now misinformed they don't have a mind of their own if you don't meet up some certain material standard.

       However, iPhone like the only mobile gadget you're expected to use as a young adult, it doesn't matter if you are financially stable or not, some people go as far stealing these gadgets and alot of young people are behind bars, some even dead for the illegal acquisition of this expensive gadgets.

This are alarming issues in the society for a while now, Some girls suddenly accept that they to dress half naked for men to find them attractive and they don't mind if a guy is just sexually drawn to them, so far they also have something to gain in return which is the financial help/freedom they need. Guys of nowadays must drive an expensive car and live in a well furnished apartment in a serene environment, just to prove how much of a man he is and be recognized as a high value man. Now, some of this lifestyle or certain expectations from your peers are very expensive to keep up with especially when you're not financially stable or you're not from a rich home, so majority go as far as doing anything and everything they can to keep up with this barbaric expectations, most girls now have sexual intercourse with men in exchange for money, some cases older men, The guys also go as far as getting involve in ritual and occultist activity.

This is as a result of impatience and trying to prove God knows what and get validation from their peers, impatience is gradually eating this generation up! Covetousness is now compared to hunger for success, all this has caused a lot of harm than good.

          Although, It's not a problem for someone to posses or uses expensive gadgets and lives a comfortable life, my only problem is how some young adults of nowadays now prioritize it and don't mind doing something outrageous and unbelievable to get what they want, should I call this bad influence or demonic will power that is now dominating it's as bad as some people cutting ties with friends because they can't afford to keep up with that way of living presumed to be perpendicular to them. If you don't have any of this material things or not living an extravagant life, it is concluded you're irrelevant, lazy and someone not worth being friends with. I mean, who creates this standards? Who normalize all these occurrences? Who said you have to prove to others you're doing well for yourself by showing off material things you own or can afford?

You're regarded and counted estimably worthy by these things and what you can offer both in a relationship and friendship, some of this people go as far as hiding their real identity and family background, because trust me a high number of them once lived in slum neighborhood, it's shameful to be seen or to post their family or parents so they down get downgraded or insulted, hence social media is now a place where we all tell unnecessary lies and deceit made easy, the flamboyant way of living of some youths made them for these child of whom they are and pretend to be someone else entirely to their family.

           In addition, early marriage is now very common between two young adults, they don't even court for long they just skip that part and jump into marriage by having elaborate wedding ceremony, No counseling, therapy sessions or other ways of being informed what marriage entails and how to be fully prepared, in as much as the young man is rich, they feel every other problem or challenges that might show up in the marriage is automatically resolved. Divorce rate is now very high and disappointing because youths of our time refuse to take the essential steps and procedure before agreeing to be man and wife, they become married couples and then misunderstanding, disagreements and quarrels starts kicking off and situations are not managed properly, it sometimes result to the man being physically violent and the woman orally violent, This sometimes result to untimely death and imprisonment. Early parenthood is also one of the awful situation we have going on, kids that haven't gone through the phases of life or even the appropriate education out of the blue moon become parents and do it totally wrong, a lot of single mother, guys having more than one baby mama.

          Therefore, as much as material things are good and nice to have, who doesn't want or like good things? But in the real sense you don't have to own or do this things to get recognition or respected or have the feeling of belonging, it's very unnecessary to forcefully or quickly have or do the things your mates are doing and getting, some of this things rated as achievements is not.

In conclusion : it is ok to genuinely want to have some of this material things not to prove anything to anyone, the means people use in getting this things is not my major concern as much as it's sinful, illegal and shameful, if you still choose to go down that road , i tell you otherwise, because you'll definitely do what you want.

Well of course they're young adults doing well for themselves, legally making money and can conveniently afford a comfortable life and of course a couple of them are from wealthy homes. But then this Standards created by God knows who and why has to stop! Use, eat, wear, do whatever you want and can comfortably give yourself without feeling left out or like a looser, instead work hard and smart to be successful and you can live the life you want and things you want to do not the one the population seems to create so as to be regarded or applauded both on social media and in the society.      



Written By: Abaniwonda Habibat Anike


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