1. Mistakes and Learning

 Learning from your success will always tell you what to do next, therefore it is important to understand that failure is not a prerequisite to success.

 When you learn from your mistakes, you learn what NOT to do.

2. Don’t let the past drive the future

 You have to learn to go in new directions, because that is what suitable today.

✅ If you break your tasks into smaller tasks, you are much more likely to be accurate, compared to estimate something big.

3.Premature Growth means death

 See what feels right, small companies wish they were big, and big companies wish they were more agile.

  Premature growth is a death point, don’t grow for the sake of growing.

4. Don’t be a Workaholic

 Workaholics create more problems than they solve. If you always work hard you don’t know what are considered to be real problems.

  Work hard when required, not all the time — you will burn out.

5. Let your customers miss you

 You want your customers to feel that if you stop doing what you do, then they will feel something is missing.

 Build stuff you want to use, when you solve your own problem, you know how to solve it.

6.Don’t be a hypocrite and stay in control!

 Don’t be a hypocrite like these companies who say they are sorry to keep you waiting, but still put you on hold for hours!

 that think a robot is showing “genuine affection” is silly.

7. Worry about the necessities.

 Whatever you decide to do, ask yourself if its adding value. Value is about balance, will your “change” actually do anything?

  Don’t add unless it has a real impact on your product, and avoid throwing good time at bad work!

8. Work smart, and avoid interruptions!

 Some people work hours through the night when there is little or no interruption.

  You need to focus and for long periods of time.

9.Meetings, the right way…

 Meetings generally are so vague they never have a goal.

 Create a “JUDO” approach, this is when you find a simple solution to a complex problem, even if its not perfect .

10. Small victories

 Accomplish small victories along the way. When you start small, get feedback instantly, and keep this process up until you go big.

 You can manage small victories by prioritizing.


 Be creative, and make the product about you.

  Do not copy anyone, focus on injecting what is unique about you into your product.

12. Take responsibility

 There is always people who will call you out on your flaws, hold your hands up straight away.

✔️ The highest person ranked should take responsibility and should address the issue promptly.

You can't improve if you don't know what you're doing wrong.

• Make time for stillness

• Master over your mind

• Practice decision-making skills

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