Take the job with the most career capital. Where you’ll build the most relationships, learn the most, grow the most. NOT necessarily make the most money.

Weak Ties

Build up your network of weak ties, instead of only spending time with your close friends. It’s the people you rarely talk to who might lead to fortuitious relationships down the road, and you want that broad exposure.

The Unthought Known

Introspect and try to find what you know about yourself but are afraid to admit to yourself. What do you want deep down, but don’t know how to get, or are afraid you’ll fail at?

My Life Should Look Better on Facebook

Stop focusing on glory or impressing other people, focus on what you want to do with your life. If that means moving to another state and settling down, do it! You don’t have to become a rocket surgeon.

The Customized Life

You want your professional life to have a story, not just be a list. Picking your interests and talents and what you want to apply them to can create a story and a narrative that you bring to interviews and coffee dates. You need to decide what you want to focus on.

Fall In Love

Don’t be afraid to get into a serious relationship early.

Calm Yourself

Learn to calm yourself down, to realize that these little setbacks are not huge issues. That life goes on. Stop relying on other people to cheer you up.

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