Learning how to sing backup is not easy. In fact, it can be harder than singing as a solo artist. As a backup singer, you have to pay attention to it. 

You need to follow the lead of someone else. You have to blend your voice with theirs. You even have to cover for someone else’s mistakes, sometimes.

When you sing backup, think of being part of a group. Not in any circumstances should one voice stand out. Backup singers should blend properly and beautifully.

You should be aware that a big difference exists between singing backup and lead singing. If you want to perform a backup role, blend into the group gracefully.  

A great backup group produces a kind of sound that is bigger and better than the parts.

Tell see what make a good back up singer

1. Learn to Blend

One of the keys to becoming a good backup singer is learning how to blend. Regardless of the number of vocalists available, it should always sound like one voice. 

To achieve this, it is advised that you watch the lead singer consistently, and make sure that you can see their face. That way, you will be able to tell when they are going to sing and also tell other things too. 

For example, if the lead singer sings an incorrect verse, you can keep up and blend in comfortably. Learn to recognize small movements, gestures of the leading singers. Sometimes the lead singer may want to repeat a specific verse of a song, and if you miss that gesture, it can result in trouble.

2. Listen Closely

Whether you use in-ears or floor monitors, this is probably the most crucial aspect in your backup singing ability. In a scenario where one of the singers cannot hear themselves, the result is a terrible sonic bloodbath.

So you have to be a good listener to be able to hear what your vocalist sings and what your fellow back-up sings as well.

Learn your part and the other parts.. 

The reason you need to learn all the parts is that sometimes when you findout that you are two on your part backing up and the other part is waving and you know you can help change and help the other part so that the ministration can move to the next level.

And don’t get offended when someone gives you tips to improve your voice. We’re all on a journey of improving our musical craft. Keep growing! Stay humble! Work hard; God bless you all.


Vocal Coach

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