"When I met my wife, she was not working and had no skills. After our wedding, I asked her what skill she would like to acquire and she opted for fashion and design. I paid for her registration and also bought a sewing machine to enable her practice at home.

After two years of learning, she could not master the art. I decided to open a provision store for her, but still, she could not break even. Instead, my wife was spending so much time attending all her church prayer meetings and other church programmes.

It was not long before the neighbours started talking. Some told me to keep an eye on her, that they suspected my wife was having an affair with her pastor. I didn't believe them because I felt they were rumour mongers.

One day, I travelled to the village to oversee my building project. I asked my wife if she would go with me but she declined.  

When I got to the village, I told my wife to send the money I gave her to keep, but she told me she had given it to her pastor. I was very angry and had to return home the next day without informing her.

I got home to meet my wife with her so-called pastor in our bedroom. She was not properly dressed though he still had his clothes on. She claimed he came to pray for her. 

Though I didn't catch them in an intimate position, it was very likely that was to happen and it may not be her first time. I have since sent her home to her family.

They've been calling me for a meeting, but I have refused to honour any. I'm still very angry so for now, it's best we both stay apart."

Cc || The Humans of Abuja

If it were you, what would you have done?

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