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Doactalk is a platform created by WE-BLOGS AFRICA – one of the largest blogging network in africa. It is an open platform for people to create and read content. For content creators, Doactalk is a great meduim to reach more people and gain more exposure.

Just like Google & Opera News Hub, the site makes use of keywords, metadata and behind-the-scene information provided by content creators to decide which content deserves to be seen by readers.

If you don’t know already, the Doactalk has more than 12 million monthly active users and also active in top 7 search engines in the world; contents from Doactalk showcase on Google News, Bloglovin’, Feedspot, Blogarama, Phoenix, Opera and more. This means you should be able to make a more awareness and get huge exposure.


How Do I Become An Author On Doactalk?

  • The first step is to join Doactalk. Click REGISTER to join
  • Now you are a USER and not an AUTHOR. You have to wait for 7 hours for WE-BLOGS AFRICA to change your role to an AUTHOR.

If after 7 hours, you LOGIN and haven’t seen your ADMIN PANEL; write to them via the CONTACT page to report the issue.

  • Then LOGIN your account on; click on the menu bar at your left-hand side, click on ADMIN PANEL.



How To Create Your Content On Doactalk?

Once you’ve signed up successfully, you will be able to log into your Doactalk Dashboard. On the ADMIN PANEL; you can see home, add post, posts & draft.

To create content, navigate to the menu tab on the left-hand side on your dashboard and click on “Add Post”.

You can now either copy and paste content from your editor or notepad or write the content from there. With Doactalk editor, you can add images, links, and headings to your content.

So that’s all you need to know on how to create your articles on the platform.


For you not to experience Images disappearing from your post after some time of publication. Do not delect images from your Doactalk upload folder on your dashboard.



One advantage of doactalk now is that once your content is published, after review and approval, you earn NGN300 for each published article or blog which generates valid clicks on doactalk.. Your content will be seen by millions of readers active in 125 countries in one (1) second. You must share your content after publishing to earn.

The quality of your content is of great essence to the doactalk platform. Your content must be quality enough before publishing it so that it won't be rejected by the We-Blogs Africa. In other words, they reserve the right to approve or to decline your content especially if it falls short of the quality standards. 

Moreover, you don't want your content to be decline and your account get banned, do not publish content with advertisment or promotion directly or indirectly and never publish adult content (pornography). Bear in mind that We-Blogs Africa have the right to ban your account, if it goes against their standards 5 times.

However, below are factors that determine the approval of your content on the doactalk:

  1. QUALITY CONTENT: The quality of your content is determined by how much people are willing to read, learn from or search for the particular content you wrote or you are writing about. So, it is important you research any topic you want to develop if it’s actually what people are searching for at the moment. Your contents must be SEO friendly, if your content is gotten from a source, idenify the source to the post before publishing.

  1. AVOID PLAGIARISM: Plagiarism is all about copy and paste syndrome. Develop your content using your own idea and not downloading verbatim another man’s content. A plagiarism checker can help your edit your work and avoid copy and paste.

  1. AVOID CLICK OR LINK BAIT TITLES: According to the English dictionary, these are internet articles, infographics, videos, and other content on websites created as part of a strategy to attract links and go viral. It is also a provocative headline designed especially to persuade people to click or share content by using terminology like:
  • Incredible
  • Secret
  • Shocking
  • Unbelievable
  • Surprise
  • Amazing
  • Omg

Very Good Examples Of Clickbait or Link Bait Titles are

  • Unbelievable! President Joe Biden is dead. Click here to read more.
  • OMG! President Mohammed Buhari resigns. Follow the link to watch the video.
  • Surprise! Michael Jackson is back to life! Click for more details

  1. AVOID GRAMMATICAL ERRORS: Grammatical errors in an article can be likened to a virus in a computer with the potency of crashing the entire system. It can also be likened to a disease in the human body system. It has the capacity of breaking the body system completely down.
  1. CAPITALIZING ALL YOUR TITLES: It is acceptable and a do-follow in doactalk writing policy to capitalize your title.

For the category section, you can select any category you would like to specialize in, or you feel you have expertise on. Doactalk offers the following categories;

How To Make Money Writing on Doactalk?

Asking how you can earn extra income or make good money writing your passion. 

This is an opportunity for you to turn your PASSION into PROFIT.

Join, Write, Share, Earn….


Payment AND Cash prizes


“Write for Doactalk, publish your passion, share your content and get paid!"


Additionally, you will also get paid for making comments and sharing posts from the platform.


After account creation; 7 hours account review and wait for you to be approve as an author, for you to start publishing.



Earn from Doactalk advertising revenues.

More traffic = More money

No advertisement = No Income


Earn up to NGN50,000 (N50k) and more for content writing and sharing.



  • Direct Bank Account

NGN300 per published post!

NGN20,000 Weekly cash prize for post that gain 10,000 engagements!

Receive payment every 30th of each month, if you are qualified for earning by the We-Blogs Africa.

Available only for those in Nigeria (Nigerians)


Only those that join the “DOACTALK FOR WRITERS” are eligible to earn from the program. 


Join our whatsapp group to earn for writing for us, Click to Join - “DOACTALK FOR WRITERS”.

 Join – Write – Share – Earn!!!!


Earn cash prizes weekly; addition to your doactalk's earning. 

Daily Limit of Publication (DLP) for all writers = 3 Posts

A writer is limited to publish 3 articles per day.

Above 3 articles per day created by a writer will be not be published and being move to the next day (if accepted).


How To Gain Followers On Doactalk?

Doactalk also permit authors to gain followers and grow their awareness online, you gain more search engine presence and turn up to a tag on the internet with Doactalk.

Steps to gain followers on Doactalk:

  • Users of Doactalk have to read your content(s). Screw down to where your profile is shown below your content(s).
  • Then tab on your profile, then click on “Follow”. Automatically he/she have become your follower.
  • Your followers on Doactalk will receive notification on any time you publish a content on Doactalk.

A writer with 10,000 followers on doactalk is eligible to earn:

1. Monetize doactalk account: The writer's account will be monetize, he/she will earn daily on the go.

2. Expose to more deals and earn hugely from 125 countries using doactalk.


√ Doactalk Editor does not support emoji to a text.



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